Who is this Wise Bird Friend?

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Thursday 2 November 2018, 7:17am

Phoebe is an amazing tiny, sweet and wise bird friend who visits quite often. She tweets her songs and flies in and out throughout the day. Her black wings and sharp outline of her white chest remind me of the separation between the world’s darkness and light. Phoebe is a wise bird. When she wants to tell me something, she’ll make it known either by her tweets or by gestures. I wrote the following about a year ago:


Phoebe used to fly to the hole by the fence. I once saw her pick something out of the hole though she never went through it. This time, I noticed how she would sit in front of the hole but not pick at anything, she just sat there. Yesterday or the day before, I noticed how she stood in front of the hole but suddenly jumped-like about a foot to the right. Before I knew it, she again jumped about a foot up in the air but this time, she hit her beak against the wooden fence.  She kept repeating the jump and hitting the fence with her beak. This was such a odd behavior for her.

She was trying to tell me something. I talked to her and kept asking “what is it you want to tell me Phoebe?” I told my friend about her strange behavior and said “we should look what is behind the fence.”  I knew for sure there was something she wanted me to know.

This morning, my friend and I went to the exact site where Phoebe had hit her beak. As my friend stood on the two-step ladder, I noticed many flies on the wooden fence in that area and before I could say anything, she said there was something dead on the ground. I said “no wonder!!” as I now understood the reason for the stench, the flies and Phoebe’s odd behavior. Had it not been for Phoebe, I never would have put two and two together. 

Oddly enough, we both had smelled a terrible stench about a week ago. I thought it was coming from the flower bushes near the fence. My friend had smelled it in the area where we found the dead animal. We had both looked but there was nothing.

No wonder all the crows were so close in our area and cawing so much this week, a vulture flying so close and the numbers of vultures the following day. It all makes sense now. My friend couldn’t see if it was a bird or something else. I got on the ladder and looked straight down … and there it was, a “something” decomposed into an unrecognizable state.

I noticed a definite outline of an animal and knew this was not a bird. The head reflected more of a rabbit because of its pointy snout. I also noticed the foot and toes were like that of a crawling animal. I thought it may have been squirrel Squirley as he used to crawl underneath the fence and the one squirrel we have today appears and disappears on the landing of the yard. The neighbor was notified and removed it.

What is amazing how Phoebe alerted me. What is even more amazing how she seems to come around at times when I need  answers or change of mind. Perhaps the answers lie in the colors of her black wings and back and the sharp contour of her white chest. Perhaps it’s God’s way of saying; you have a choice; choose the dark or choose the light.