Unsung Heroes

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Thursday 13 December 2018 10:17am

Nancy is one of such unsung heroes. She is a most remarkable and inspiring lady, wife and caretaker of about 20 or more wounded birds of prey a.k.a. raptors. Depending on the season, she may end up with many more to care for and to rehabilitate. Many of the wildlife, animal shelters, and citizens call her for help and when there is nothing else they can do for the birds of prey other than putting them to sleep, they call her.

Miraculously, she came across my path at the right time – as the hawk had become one of my favorite birds. I’d met Nancy a few years ago through the Wildlife Center in Ramona. Her story is a remarkable one. For the last 30 years or more, Nancy and her husband have been caring for injured, orphaned and abandoned birds of prey. She rehabilitates the wounded birds in  her non-profit sanctuary in Lakeside. When the birds have recovered, they are returned to the wild. The ones that can no longer go back, remain in the sanctuary. In addition to taking care of the Sanctuary, Nancy also teaches about wildlife to the High school students in the area. 

When I met Nancy the first time. the first thing I noticed was her big smile. She is warmhearted, outgoing and easy to talk to. She knows every detail about the behavior of hawks. She is like the “Wikipedia” of birds or prey.

Entering the foyer into the living room, I knew “this lady loves wildlife”. The kitchen, hallways, even the powder room had some kind of wildlife showing. 

Nothing short of inspiration and admiration. I spent a few Saturdays in the sanctuary with her and other volunteers. There are various small, beautifully colored species in the sunroom and many more outside in the bird yard. The many large cages housing different species; the White Bald Eagle, Red tailed hawks, owls, vultures and even a very large Raven. All birds that because of some handicap or disability no longer can be released back into the wilde.

Thanks to Nancy, I was given the opportunity to see and experience the hawks (and other birds of prey) up close. I learned from her teachings and her ways with the birds more than I could have any where else. The little time I spent at the sanctuary opened my heart and love for wildlife.  Yes, an amazing woman, she is indeed. God Bless you Nancy. 

If you’d like to know more about Nancy and Sky Hunter Sanctuary or are interested in volunteering or donating, you can visit her website or call:


Cell phone: 1-619-985-9686