Thoughts: When you remain in Me…

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Thursday 4 October 2018, 12:19pm

Yesterday morning coming outside into the yard, I noticed three things.

The first was a tiny gold finch drinking from the birth bath. I saw a medium size light grey feather – almost white – laying on its side on top of the grass. Not far away was a vibrant red leaf on the grass.

As I sat down, I thought of the things I had noticed. I thought of the bird and the water bath and the verse: “Come to me all who are Thirsty” came to mind. I thought of the feather, the feather of a dove and the words “body” and “Eat my bread” – came to mind. And the red leaf reminded me of: My blood.“Drink my wine”.

Then, shortly later, when I came out the front door, the first thing I saw was a large unfolded leaf that looked like a cross. I thought of Lord Jesus on the Cross at Cavalry. I also noticed two similar but smaller ones on either side of it.

I thought of the two prisoners that had been hung on either side of Lord Jesus, the day He was crucified. One of the leaves next to it, also looked like a cross but not the other one opposite of it. I thought of the prisoner who repented as he hung next to Lord Jesus and the one leaf that did not look like a cross being the prisoner who had hurled insults at Jesus. (Luke 23:39-43)

This morning, I thought of the three things I’d observed in the yard yesterday and thought of how they followed a pattern. I thought, if I followed each item, by drawing a continuous line through each of them, I end up with the initial “J” for Jesus. – What a revelation !!