Stewards of the Earth – Pollination Part 4

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Monday 18 September 2018, 11:02am

We inherited an earth rich and abundant in fertile soil, flowers, plants and trees with seeds along with lakes, rivers and oceans for keeping the earth lush, bountiful and beautiful. The earth is God’s gift to us. It is our responsibility to maintain the earth.

Our forefathers worked hard, very hard to make this country as rich as it is today. They labored sweat and tears, from early dawn to night just so the following generation could enjoy the fruits of their labor. Today, our country is like God’s “Land of Milk and Honey” but on a grander scale.

We have a choice. We can neglect and even destroy the earth by the decisions we make. Decisions that make this earth uninhabitable, a place in which foods become scarce rather than abundant, where land and trees are destroyed rather than maintained and/or preserved, where rivers, lakes and oceans become so toxic from pollution, they are no longer a water for life or joy or food for us to have.

I pray that all of us will heed to the warnings of the reported Pollination problems. I pray for us to make the right choices so that we can – just like our forefathers – pass on the abundance and riches to our children as they have done so for us. I pray for the abundance and riches of foods for all of us to share as a reward for maintaining good and rightly stewardship of the earth.

What can we do to help and/or promote in the pollination/pollinator process? Here are some suggestions:

  • Growing pollination friendly flowers, plants and trees with seeds in the back yard
  • Reading about and/or joining a group locally/nationally/internationally involved with dealing and promoting pollination and pollinators
  • Minimizing pesticides that are toxic to pollinators through reading product labels and from pollination/pollinator organizations

In the Wildlife gallery under pollination, I have a collage of photos in which friendly garden plants and trees are shown.

Below are links for how we can help. In previous pollination parts, I also put up links to organizations that promote pollination/pollinators and also report on current problems with pollination/pollinators.

In closing, despite the pollination/pollinator problems, there is hope in me that as long as we remain appreciative and thankful, respectful, wise and just stewards of the earth, God will continue blessing us with abundance and riches just like He did for our forefathers.


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