Spring Time 2018

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Saturday 24 March 2018, 7:22am

This whole week has been an experience of renewal and rebirth. A week of enchantment. All week long, so many finches, sparrows, swallows, baby finches, towhees, mourning doves, rabbits, squirrels were darting and flying, tweeting and singing and cooing and hip hop and fluttering dances through the air. Flying wings that mimic the sounds of a flat tire over the road. The familiar sounds of a mocking bird and of a woodpecker hammering away.

An orchestra of wildlife in harmony. The first gecko appeared and the day before yesterday, I saw the first butterfly… and yesterday three different but beautiful colored ones flew across the yard.

There was definitely a process to it all; the courting process. I could see it from the way the finches, the mourning doves and the sparrows went about each other.

I noticed the first tiny wild flowers in the grass; white, yellow and pink. The first roses this season with its incredibly sweet scent. The Bird of Paradise plant in the right corner is in full bloom; bright yellow with a touch of white and blue.

Yesterday, I counted 18 and before I left for Iceland only 6 had blossomed. There are pretty pink begonias that started surprisingly blossoming again.

I recall Spring at my old place but this Spring has been different; magical to say the least. I never seen and heard so much life and sounds and so much beauty around me.

Praise the Lord God!