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Monday 31 December 2018, 12:19pm

Travelling through Peru, I immediately noticed the simple life and dire poverty throughout the country. When I got back from the trip, I thought about how much we have and they so little. It made me rethink about my home and personal possessions. I thought about redoing my home and making it more into what I am today. Trying to do with less and getting rid of “stuff” I haven’t worn or acquired, things I really don’t need.

Most of the tour we travelled by bus. We drove roads uphill anywhere from 10,000 – 14230 feet in elevation. I was mesmerized by the mountains. It was like I was looking at a still life painting; the mountains against this beautiful backdrop of clear blue skies with its billowing clouds. The expansive wide open spaces gave me such an incredible feel of freedom. I felt so closely connected to the earth and the heavens, so unencumbered and high in spirits.

It didn’t seem easy to meet Peruvian people. The people in the hotels and restaurant were friendly but most people seemed almost suspicious of us foreigners. I think it had to do with their past. This country had been invaded, colonized and plundered for many years. Not much was left from those days except some churches and dire poverty. The small towns and cities we passed were crowded with many dilapidated homes and along some of the roads a lot of trash.

Peruvian children are quite shy. They didn’t say much, they just looked curiously at us. Their parents were helpful but spoke no English, yet the universal language of smiles often broke the language barrier. It took a bit of time for some of the children to warm up but once they did, they brought out the warmest smiles. The children don’t have much. I noticed many small children around the small stalls and store fronts. There are probably no schools for small children to attend. I had brought some coloring books and crayons on the trip and it was one great way to break the ice with the children and parents alike.

Peru inspired me for some more travels the following year. I thought of Iceland and Tibet but as a single woman, obtaining a visa from the Chinese government appeared more difficult than anticipated instead landed in Iceland. (read about Iceland on my travel blog). The visit to Peru brought a lot of questions about the poverty I saw. I have grown much more appreciative of the simple life and for the very things I’ve been gifted. 

In the photo gallery, I put up photos of the city Lima, Peruvian Life style, some the traditional foods along with historic art and Peruvian country side.  

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