Iceland – Part 3

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Friday 29 September 2018, 3:55pm

The drive from the East to the West of the Island was a pretty smooth drive. No traffic jams just open highways and long stretches of unpopulated and/or sparsely populated areas. Beautiful deserted coastal beaches and country sides as far as the eye can see.  Snowcapped mountain tops, occasional icy waterfalls and tundra fields. Yes, Iceland is a beautiful clean air country.

We visited a group of Icelandic horses. They are short and stout compared to the horses we know but they seem gentle and unafraid of the human touch. Very little disease exists among these horses and so to continue this trend, the law in Iceland prevents the import of horses. Also, once an Iceland horse has been exported, the horse is not allowed to return. Most horses are used for farm work, “showing and racing” and horse riding for leisure.

We stopped over in Stykkisholmur for a visit to the Volcano Museum which had a  great International display of volcano artworks from paintings to various rock formations. Definitely worth the visit.  


Iceland is definitely one of the clean energy efficient countries. Along the drive, we noticed plumes of white clouds coming out of the ground. “Those are geysers” our Guide said and “they are used as an energy source for heating homes”.

We visited the Shark museum in Bjarnahofn where we were treated to Iceland’s shark delicacy…a little cube, the size of sugar cube of shark fat. It had quite a pungy odor but I was told the taste wasn’t bad.

To the right of the page are some of Iceland’s dishes served in restaurants which is pretty much like what we eat in California. Fresh fish, mussels, hearty soups and freshly baked breads..not to mention the home baked apple pies. I thought the best of all was restaurants was the Marfeyrstofa near the Bjanarhof narzvegur light house.

A word about Iceland hotels. The ones we stayed in were similar to hotel accommodations in the US and Europe, reasonably priced and most offered modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and in-dining areas. Hotel/restaurant staff we met were friendly, accommodating and helpful. The rooms were simple but clean and comfortable.

Important to note is the electric current as it is different from the US…so it is good to bring adapters and converters along for any electronic equipment. 

On Thursday night, two days before departure, we got to witness the best of Aurora Borealis since our stay. A display unlike the others I had seen. This one was spectacular, so incredibly beautiful, its colors so bright and vibrant, its dance so graceful. I was in awe…Something I had prayed for to see before we left. …There she was; God’s Grace and Glory. It was just as is written in psalm 19:1. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands”. 

On Friday morning, we drove to Langjokull glacier where we transported to the Glacier in this gigantic eight wheel Super truck (see photo gallery Iceland). Inside the glacier were long, carved out corridors leading to different open areas. Amazing craftsmanship, it must have taken a lot of time, hands and tools to create this.

I made two short videos to show what some of the areas look like. I have one in which our Glacier guide in the Chapel of the Glacier. She sang a Love song so we hear the acoustics..The sound is incredible, judge for yourself.


This video of Aurora Borealis was made with the help of Babak our photo instructor. My first video of Aurora Borealis on the third night of our Northern light chase. 

The time in Iceland was an incredible adventure, one I will always fondly remember.