Grace is Love

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Saturday 22 September 2018, 3:06pm

It was June of 2015 when I journeyed like “a stranger in a strange land” an unfamiliar path called Grace.

It was through Oprah’s words that brought me to the gates of Grace. Her words “and love has many names” and “grace is love” had such an impact on me. Her words left me with wonder and curiosity.

Grace is love?! I knew the word grace and I knew the word love but never associated love being synonymous with grace. I knew of the meaning “saying grace” before a meal but not much more.

At the time, I wrote… “I started thinking about the word Grace. I thought about how beautiful a word. I thought about what does the word Grace mean? What does grace look like … how is Grace supposed to feel like?”

Imagine…Grace the Swan in Swan lake. Oh how she moves with such poise through the air … how gracefully light and airy dance her feet across the stage…like soft flowing water gliding over pebbles in a stream… like a soft warm breeze on a Summer’s night… ever so gently brushing against my skin.”

I’d fallen in love with the word GRACE and what she represented. I wanted to know her…I wanted to I learn more about her. I wanted to become like her…gracious and graceful.

Three years of journeying through dreams and visions until one day Grace knocked on my door. Was this the same Grace I’d fallen in love with three years ago?? Certainly not!! This was not the Grace I had expected at all!! No, this Grace was not of this earth.

This Grace so Highly Divine whose Love’s abound, faithful, never leaving nor forsaking, always loving and kind, always extending never ending mercy and forgiveness, comfort, joy and peace.

I know Him by name…I am His Child…He is my Lord God.