God’s Character – Part 1

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Monday 1 October 2018, 2:48pm

Being a reborn Christian means to me; life will never be the same and never be lived the same as I did before. Living for our Lord God comes with responsibilities and the only way knowing my responsibilities comes from learning about who God is; His character.

My other responsibility is learning what it means to live a Christian life God’s way. The only way I can learn about who God is and how to live a Christian life is through reading and studying the Bible. But that is not where it ends. Also important is learning from the different pastors and rabbis, from their teachings and interpretations.

Reading the Bible is one thing but understanding is another. Definitely not an easy task. There are writings I don’t understand so listening to and researching Scripture interpretations have become an additional and important tool in my learnings.

As the months have gone, I discover how my love and reverence, my awe for the Lord our God has grown and deepened, as has my faith. Every day, my desire is to know more. My love for the Lord has intensified my desire in wanting to not only abide by God’s commandments but also practicing them in my life. Yet, I still have a long way to go.

I found that spending time every morning reading Scripture becomes a natural reflex but not without discipline. The best way for me was not turning on my computer or my cell. Just quiet time for God. Those are often great moments and much of my inspiration comes from what I learn.

Daily readings are good but also spending time in church with other believers. I searched for a non-denominational church where I’d feel at home. I visited several but found “my” church soon as I had walked up to the building and read the words above the entrance: Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the Lost. I love those words and I keep them close to my heart. But it was not until I walked into the room and heard this angelic voice sing about Jesus. It was one of the female singers.

I learn so much from the different pastors. What I love about all of them is how they love the Lord our God and every time they speak, it shows. Their words are powerful, sincere and direct. They teach and preach directly from Scripture. Church life is good. It is my home away from home, a refuge in which I feel connected to those who also love the Lord our God.

In my next writing, I am going to write a series about God’s character and how He works within me through the Holy Spirit and how He is changing me into a person I like. God teaches me the true meaning of Love, Grace, Forgiveness, Mercy, Justice and Judgment, and how to apply it in my daily life. 

God gifted me gifts in creative writings and photography. I never understood what to write about until now. I found my purpose for living; to be a witness to His Greatness. I am Blessed and very Thankful to have met the Lord our God.