God is Watching over Me

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Friday 7 September 2018, 6:02pm

From my Journal Thursday 19 April 2018, 4:52am

Monday was a beautiful day. A day of Blessings and renewed Faith. I’d decided to go to the gym as I had been feeling kind of listless, lazy I’d say…I’d been thinking about going to the gym on regular basis would be good for me…I said ‘thinking’… but, in the afternoon I went.

I walked over to the stationary bikes and as I was about to get on the bike, everything out of my hand bag flew everywhere!!! Ooops had forgotten to lock it…I put everything back and rode the bike for a while.

After the gym, I drove to Costco to get gas as the indicator light was getting dangerously close to the ‘empty’ mark. While waiting in the gas line at Costco, I grabbed for my wallet…Aagghhh…my wallet!!!?? I grabbed in an empty space ‘nothing’…a big empty space where my wallet was supposed to be…Ohhh noooo, it too had fallen out and I didn’t even notice or miss it!!

Well, I told myself; take a deep breath…and smiled…I knew my wallet would be found. I drove back to the gym all the while anxiously watching the gas indicator. When I got to the gym, I asked the front desk receptionist if someone had turned in my wallet. She said not that she knew of…she said she was worried for me…I walked back to where the stationary bike was and looked on the floor…nothing…but wait!!! Right in front of the bike, right in front of the wheel was my wallet!!! How in the world did it end up right there??? I smiled and thanked God 🙂 

On my way out, I passed the counter and told her I’d found it by the bikes. She said; “wowww, that’s a first!!! Yeaaahhh 🙂

I made it back to Costco without having to call the tow truck …yeaaahhh God is Goood!