A Man and a Woman

/ / Ava’s Thoughts

Monday December 2018, 2:48pm

God created man and woman from different substances yet in union. Man are created “from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2:7) and woman from the rib of man (Genesis 2:21-22). I think in this lies not only the beauty in the way we have been created, but also of our purpose. (Genesis 2:24)

My interpretation is that a man and woman are to be united as one. I am created as man’s helper, his companion in every sense of the word. As a woman, I love and nurture my companion in supporting him emotionally and spiritually, and by building him up through loving him in words and deeds of encouragement.

As a woman, I feel safe and protected in his arms. When I am off balance or stressed, my companion comforts me through his voice and gentle gestures by which I feel loved and reassured. His being brings calm and peace.

The LORD gifted us with ‘‘Free Will’ and in this, God gives us a choice how to live and interpret ‘Creation of man’.

Hallelujah Praise the LORD for He is the Creator of man. Let me never forget His beautiful creation of Unison of man.

In Christ, Amen.