A Dance like a Feather in the Wind

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THURSDAY 16 JUNE 2016, 7:11pm

This morning when I came outside, I noticed a hummingbird in flight. It was flying way up high above the height of the tree to the left of me… It was as if it was dancing slow – from side to side, circles…It was such an awesome sight to watch… as if it was dancing for me and as the song “where is the love” played, it was as if it was dancing to the rhythm of the song…. even though the window and my door were closed.

It brought tears to my eyes… I listened to the words of the song and searched for the lyrics…

it is a song about love, a universal love song by Black Eyed Peas… a song that I felt came from the heart, a song that moved me … ”Father, Father, We need Guidance from above