A Christmas story; The Joy in Blessing Others

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Friday 14 December 2018, 6:24pm

“Blessing others” is a real story about a Rabbi who had been invited to a school to teach a small group of young children about blessings. The children were between 4- 5-12, both boys and girls. There were a total of 11 children. As he stood in front of them, he counted out 11 single dollars. He put one dollar in his pocket and said: “Who wants to be Blessed with 10 dollars?” Everyone put their hands up. Then he said: I’ll give it to one of you but you have to obey when I give you these 10 dollars. He continued saying; the one who gets the 10 dollars has to give each child one dollar. 

Then he explained; there are 11 children but I only have 10 dollars. The reaction from the children was swift as they said…”but then I get nothing”…RB said “that’s right but, you get the privilege of Blessing others.” Then he asked: “Who wants the 10 dollars? All the hands came down but of one little girl. She said “I wanna do that” – and came forward. RB said “her face” – “she just beamed”. She handed each kid one dollar. RB could tell she enjoyed giving to others; making the other kids happy. When she was done, she went back to her seat, her face gleaming of joy.

What she did was not only inspiring and loving but it also reminded me about “the spirit of giving”: “Joyfully” giving. It is something I sometimes forget but what impressionable reminder. Yes, giving to others with an open, warm heart and smile is indeed “a Wonderful Blessing to others.” I think that by her blessing the others with the dollars, she herself was Blessed by the LORD with “Gleaming Joy”.

Praise the LORD for He is good. Amen